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About us

Center of Toxins, Immune-response and Cell Signaling (CeTICS)

The Center of Toxins, Immune-response and Cell Signaling develops studies on the biochemical, molecular and cellular mechanisms of toxins with therapeutic potential, in order to establish proofs of concept based on molecular signaling network analysis. The expectation is transferring search results to the industry through a process mediated by the Technology Transfer office at the Butantan Institute. Activities related to education and knowledge dissemination are planned for implementation, e.g, the exploitation of the Butantan Institute's museums educational vocation.

CeTICS Coordinator: Hugo Aguirre Armelin

Technology Transfer Coordinator:  Maria Carolina Quartim Elias-Sabbaga

Science Education and Dissemination Coordinator: Mônica Valdyrce dos Anjos Lopes Ferreira



Instituto Butantan/SESSP

Av. Vital Brasil, 1500
05503-900- São Paulo, SP - Brazil


"The opinions, hypotheses and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of FAPESP."


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